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      i also just started last week. i lost two pounds and have not yet fully gotten into the whole process. i have tried so many things and am quite tired of it all. i just want to be healthy and feel better and of course look better. i certainly let myself go years ago and want to lose over 100 pounds. i am trying to lose 5 pounds per month so i know i will be doing this awhile..just learning this process as well so am really a novice with this all...any helpful suggestions of places to go to on this site that helps our the beginner? i am sure i will find it..i was so inspired by the infomercial that i jumped right in. have a happy and successful day to all.

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      Hi, today is day one for me. I've really let myself go, I'm way overweight and so out of shape. At 53 year old I'm not looking to drop the pounds fast, (ha! Who am I kidding, that'd be awesome!) but I'm hoping to lose them at a steady pace. I just want to feel healthy again. I wish everyone the best of luck...keep going, don't give up!

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